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Your Executive Branch


Student body president

Evan Steinberg

Major: Political Science

From: Parkland Florida 

Key Involvement: Student Government Association - Student Senate, Office of Governmental Affairs, Garnet and Gold Key, Student Alumni Association, Homecoming Council, Beta Theta Pi


Why Amplify: Every individual I have met through my experience represents a segment of Florida State University. Our student body is comprised of 42,000 students from all across the state of Florida and the world. Our students come from different backgrounds, pursue different career paths, and utilize the resources at Florida State University differently. The Student Government Association is here to ensure that every student experience is amplified and that every student is able to utilize the resources at Florida State University. We embrace the narrative that every student has a story, every student’s voice deserves to be heard, and every student has an impact on this university.

Fun Fact: In my free time I like to draw and paint!


Student body vice-president

stephanie lee

Major: International Affairs

From: Fort Myers, FL 

Key Involvement: Asian American Student Union, Intervarsity Christian Campus Ministry, Community Ambassador, and Global Health Project 


Why Amplify: As a minority on campus, I have witnessed the power of all minorities standing in solidarity to amplify our voices- the true embodiment of diversity. There is a need to provide students with a platform to be unequivocally heard and unabashedly represented. This is what inspired me to join the Amplify Movement, and this is what will continue to inspire me to amplify my voice.


Fun Fact: I have a dog whose nickname is Mr. Clingy because he never leaves my side.

Student body Treasurer


Major: Advertising and Political Science

From: Orlando, Florida 

Key Involvement: C.A.R.E. Department, Student Government Association, Garnet and Gold Key, Beta Theta Pi, Black Student Union, and Orientation Leader


Why Amplify? My desire to run for this position stems from a longing to cause a shift in the culture by means of leadership, transparency and real student engagement at Florida State. As someone who has been involved with Student Government for over three years, I have seen so many student groups and organizations not receive the right amount of advocacy and support than larger groups. With your help, the Amplify Movement, can speak up for the concerns and engage students who traditionally don’t see their home in Student Government. 


Fun Fact: I am the youngest of five brothers and one sister and I have a twin.

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